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Welcome to Wessex Traditional Martial Arts

We are top class martial arts venue for different martial arts groups and martial arts based fitness classes located in the seaside town of Weymouth. We are also the Honbu or central dojo for Wessex Karate Academy which holds classes in Go-Ju Ryu Karate and Ryu Kyu Kobudo throughout south Dorset.

This Dojo is also open outside of class times for extra training and private or one on one classes.

We are located at Unit A4, 83 Lynch Lane, A+R Trading estate, Weymouth DT4 9DN

If you have any questions or would like more information about the venue or private classes, please phone the venue on 01305 781891 or contact Sensei Pete Thompson at wessexmartialarts@gmail.com, or phone  07873 116118


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Wessex Karate Academy

Wessex Karate Academy Logo

Wessex Karate Academy started life as a Dorchester Karate club formed around 1980/1 by Sensei Craig Nevitt and had a few instructors until taken over by his student Mark Caples who joined it with his club in Weymouth formed in 1987. In 1996 a Dojo on Portland was started by Pete Thompson who took over all three dojo’s in 1998 and formed Wessex Karate Academy. In 2005 another club in Milborne St Andrew was added.

Over the years 42 students have achieved black belt rank and between them have passed 80 Dan gradings in front of the GKI chief instuctors. The club has also produced many local and national champions with 14 students so far representing the UK or England in Go-Ju Ryu Karate.

Wessex Karate Academy now runs 8 classes a week around south Dorset for both children and adults. We have over 100 members, 20 currently training black belts and 8 qualified instructors.

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Karate Grading Success in Spain

Four members of Wessex Karate Academy have successfully passed their Dan gradings in Go-Ju Ryu Karate after 4 days of traning in Castellar de la Frontera, Southern Spain, July 2018.

They were part of a team of 15 Wessex Karate Academy students who traveled out there to train and support their club members. The youngest grading candidate was 14 yr old Amber Clarke who successfully passed her Shodan (1st) level black belt, her 18yr old sister Leah was promoted to her 2nd level black belt alongside her training partner 19yr old Charlotte Evans. The final member of quartet was Chris Fryer who after training for over 25yrs was promoted to 4th Dan.



From left – Amber Clarke, Chris Fryer, Charlotte Evans, Leah Clarke


The Wessex Karate Academy students before their first training session in Spain.




GKI National Championships 2015

The GKI national championships were held on June 28th at the Budmouth Sports College, Weymouth. 30 members of Wessex Karate Academy took part competing in 3 different events, Individual Kata (forms), Individual Kumite (points sparring) and 3 man team kata.

Competitors are categorised by grade in Kata and by gender and age in Kumite.

Results were as following-

Junior White belt Kata –

1st – Matt Brooks  Wessex                          2nd –  Archie Willis    Chichester                3rd – Amrit Sandhu   Wokingham

Junior Yellow Belt Kata –

1st – Oliver Barge       Wessex                    2nd –  Oliver Cullis    Wessex                      3rd –  Amy Williams    Wessex

Junior Orange Belts Kata –

1st – Marcus King      Wessex                 2nd –  George Boultard     Chichester            3rd – Ethan King    Wessex

Junior Green&Blue Belts Kata –

1st –   Qasim Arain     Wokingham            2nd –  Kayleigh Carter     Wessex                  3rd – Toby Webber      Wessex

Junior Purple Belts Kata –

1st –  Benedict Hothersal     Chichester     2nd –   Amber Clarke     Wessex                 3rd –  Nalin Ralph    Chichester

Junior Brown&Black Belts Kata –

1st –   Amelia Ridgewell     Chelmsford      2nd –   Leoni Ridgewell    Chelmsford          3rd – George Waller   Chichester

Cadet Colour Belt Kata –

1st –   Siaini Proctor     Chichester               2nd –   Oliver Walden   Wessex                   3rd –  Lucinda Boultard    Chichester

Cadet Brown&Black Belts Kata –

1st –   Matthew Foster   Chichester              2nd –   Kyle Foot     Wessex                        3rd – Monty Newton      Chichester

Adult Colour Belt Kata –

1st –  Kris Slocki    Chichester                       2nd –  Paul Sibley    Wokingham                 3rd –  Carrie Proctor     Chichester

Adult Brown Belt Kata –

1st –   Sarah Ridley        Chichester            2nd –   Natasha Hope     Wessex                3rd – Mark Bradley    Wessex

Adult Black Belt Kata –

1st –   Peter Thompson     Wessex               2nd –   Andy Hibbert     Chichester               3rd – Nicolle May    Wessex

Junior lower grade Team Kata –

1st –   Wessex C                                           2nd – Chichester B                                        3rd –  Wessex B

Junior Higher Grade Team Kata –

1st –    Chichester B                                     2nd –    Chelmsford A                                    3rd –  Wessex A

Adult Team Kata –

1st –   Wessex D                                          2nd – Chichester C                                        3rd –   Wessex C

Boys Kumite 7-9 yrs –

1st – Matt Brooks    Wessex                    2nd –  Rico Barret-Greening     Wessex             3rd –  Oliver Pearson   Wessex

Girls Kumite 7-9 yrs –

1st – Phoebe Adams    Chelmsford           2nd –  Polly Tregar     Chichester                     3rd –  Simran Sandhu   Wokingham

Girls Kumite 10-13 yrs –

1st – Amber Clarke      Wessex                 2nd –  Nalin Ralph      Chichester                     3rd –  Phulmya Bhusal    Wessex

Boys Kumite 10-11 yrs –

1st – Brody Adams     Chelmsford             2nd – Leo Tregar        Chichester                     3rd –  Alex Steele      Wessex

Girls Kumite 14-16 yrs –

1st – Leoni Ridgewell     Chelmsford         2nd –  Leah Clarke   Wessex                          3rd –  Amelia Ridgewell     Chelmsford

Boys Kumite 12-13 yrs –

1st – Qasim Arain     Wokingham            2nd –  Benedict Hothersal    Chichester             3rd –  Mark Carter   Wessex

Boys Kumite 14-16 yrs –

1st – Joshua Fletcher   Wessex              2nd –  Callum Hume    Wessex                    3rd –  Oliver Hay    Chelmsford 

 Ladies Kumite –

1st – Nicolle May    Wessex                    2nd –  Natasha Hope   Wessex                   3rd –  Olivia Bugden    Chelmsford 

Mens Kumite Under 30yrs –

1st – Robert Prior  Chichester                 2nd – Chris Clayton    Chelmsford               3rd –  Jamie Northover   Wessex

Mens Kumite Over 30yrs –

1st – Andy Jones  Solihul                        2nd – Kris Slocki    Chichester                    3rd –  Andy Hibbert   Chichester

Wessex Karare Academy Summer Gradings 2015


The Grading dates for Wessex Karate Academy students are set as follows:


White to Yellow Belts  

Monday, 13th July 5.30 – 7.30pm Weymouth Dojo

High Yellow to Purple Belts  

Tuesday, 14th July 5.30 – 7.30pm Dorchester Dojo


Black Belts Nidan +

Tuesday, 14th July 7.30-9.30pm, Dorchester Dojo

10th – 5th Kyu

Monday, 13th July 7.30-9.30pm Weymouth Dojo

4th Kyu- 1st Dan

Monday, 20th July 6.30-9.30pm, Weymouth Dojo

Students are expected to attend their group whether they are grading or not. If you are testing you must make sure you bring your licence book.




The 8848 Everest challenge

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Wessex Traditional Martial Arts and Wessex Karate Academy will be taking part in the Everest 8848 challenge on Monday 1st June at the venue in Lynch Lane to raise money for the people affected.

The challenge is for teams of 8 people to do 8 different techniques in rotation, on the kick shields 48 times each, totalling 384 techniques.

It is open to all karate and other martial arts students and only basic martial arts experience is necessary to take part, teams will be organised by size.

Any teams or individuals wanting to take part should speak to their instructors to get a sponsorship form or contact Pete Thompson on 07873116118